1930s -Irving Bromberg Company started in NY.

- Bromberg enters the slot-machine and peep-show market.

1940 -Registered the tradename Standard-Games.

- Opened a branch in Honolulu, Hawaii.

1945 -Change of name in SErvice-GAmes (import of electro-mechanical pinballs and slots from U.S.A.).

-Moved the facilities in 210 of Mokauea Street, Honolulu.

1950s -Atomic Jet (manufactured by Nasco) was one of the first coin-operated machines to be imported by Service Games.

1951 -Richard Stewart and Raymond LeMaire were sent in Japan in order to open a distribution office.

- Service Games files a trademark on name “Sega Bell”.

1954 -Bromberg and his son Martin Bromley opened headquarters in Panama and second party in Tokyo (Service Games of Japan).

1954 -David Rosen established Rosen Enterprises in Tokyo (importation of juke-boxes and fotomat booths from America).

1960 -Bromley and his business partners built Nippon Kikai Seizo KK (slot-machines manufacturer under name SEGA INC.).

1965 -Rosen Enterprises merged with Bromley's firm.

- Stewart and Rosen established SEGA Enterprises Inc. (セガ・エンタープライゼス).

1967 -Rosen was in charge of managing director and LeMaire as planning supervisor.

- Sega counted around 1.300 employees and 38 branch offices in Japan.

1968 -Bromley and Stewart ended their involvement with Sega in Japan, but opened Segasa in Spain (pinball manufacturer).

1970 -Gulf+Western (owner of Paramount) completes its buyout of Sega.

1973 -Irving Bromberg died in Los Angeles at the age of 74.

1976 -Sega started to develop video games with the support of Gremlin Industries, Inc. in San Diego, California.

1980 -Sega moves his first steps in vector-based technology. Space Fury (1981) was one of the first colour vector games ever.

1982 -Sega/Gremlin released Zaxxon, the first isometric space shooter. It became one of its first blockbusters.

- Paramount Pictures Corp. elected to its board David Rosen, chairman and chief executive officer of Sega Enterprises Inc.

1983 -Sega launched Sg-1000 console in Japanese market.

1984 -After the North American video game crash of 1983, Sega was purchased by CSK and became a 100% Japanese owned company.

- Set up SEGA-AM1 (internal development division for arcade games) and SEGA-R&D2 (involved in software for console).

1985 -Milestones such as OutRun, Hang-on and Wonderboy were introduced in the amusement centers.

- US assets of Sega were sold to Bally Mfg Corp.

1986 -Established Sega of America. David Rosen oversee the US & overseas operations.

To be continued...